Video & Motion Graphics Services

We offer the best video and motion graphics services. Create professional videos & motion graphics in raw studio.

At Raw Freelance Studio, we have the possibility to design and produce all kinds of video projects by relying on the experience, creativity and prominence of learning from designers. The creation of advertising clips, short and long 2D motion graphics, logo motion, video banners (GIF) and other methods of video performance are among our works that you can see below.


With the rapid increase in the accessibility and adoption of video content, video has quickly become the advertising tool of choice for many brands.

The benefits of video ads for businesses are plentiful.

When posting a video ad on YouTube or other video platforms, the advanced targeting allows you to choose your audience–meaning you only get views by people who have the potential to be interested in your product, brand, or service.

The ‘no skip’ function on video platforms also ensures you a level of guaranteed engagement!

Social videos are more popular than text and static images combined. By encouraging more views, tags, and comments, you can gain attention on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Fresh, engaging content is essential for both organic and paid social media ads.



Motion graphics usually features shapes, objects or text that are being set in motion. Motion graphics can illustrate complex ideas visually. Some ideas which are especially big and abstract ones are hard to explain with words or still images. The visual style of motion graphics appeals to a wide range of viewers. Motion graphics are typically associated with animations that are mostly 2D. In certain instances, however, 3D animation is added sparsely to enhance visual interest.

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