Posters have always been a great choice for advertising everything from concerts to restaurants to community events. But not all posters are created equal.

An ah-mazing poster design can turn your business or event into a crowd magnet, while a drab poster design can make you fling on the crickets.

We Are Poster designer

Here, We make graphic design with diffrent softwere. we work with photoshop, illustrator, indesign, xd and another softweres for design posters.

immagination is valuable

Horizental Posters

We designed many posters for different platforms


Banks and forex brokers are our special client.

We designed poster, social media presentation, motiongraphy, promotional flyer, billboard and bridge board poster, catalog or brochure and other medias for them.

digital graphic studio
poster design طراحی پوستر
poster design طراحی پوستر
forex poster

Our services

Logo design

Logo design is one of the most important concerns of small and large businesses

Video design

we have the possibility to design and produce all kinds of video projects by relying on the experience

UI/UX design

user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and software